Friday, January 22, 2010

Northumberland Star

Barbara Brackmann # 2201 b : "Northumberland Star or Eight-pointed Star"

When blocks have Flying Geese on the diagonal, and you want them to finish at a certain size (e.g. the 6" that this blog aims towards), it isn't possible to make the geese the fast way that has been used in the previous blocks.
The Flying Geese in this block measure 1.06 x 2.12". This - happily - coincides with the diagonal measurments on the 1.5" HST (2.12" on the diagonal) and 1.5" QST (1.06" on the diagonal).


Fabric 1 (Background / Light)
4 HST, 3"
5" square

4 squares. 1.5" - not printable
4" square (cut each square 2")

4 HST, 1.5"
3 x 5.25"

Fabric 2 (medium)
2.12" square
Either cut 2 5/8" (2.625") or use the diagonal of the 1.5" HST for "ruler"

Fabric 3 (dark)
16 HST, 1.5"
5.75" square

Making the block :
When making the component parts of this block, be careful. You have bias all over the place, but that is so you can have the grain the right way in most of the pieces of the block once it is finished.

Make 4 Flying Geese the old-fashioned way, using one 1.5" HST of background-fabric, with two 1.5" QST

Join two 1.5" QST to two adjacent sides of each of the four background-fabric squares.

Join a Flying Goose to each of the square-with-QSTriangles units

Lay out the block

Join a 3" QST to each side of two of the Flying Geese units.

Join a Flying Goose unit to two opposite sides of the fabric-2 square

Join the three units

Finished !

Friday, January 15, 2010

Chain and Bar

Barbara Brackmann # 1961

Uses Collection 2 or the downloadable Inklingo HST 00B collection

Fabric 1 (background)
4 HST, each 2.25"
3.75 x 6.75"

16 HST, each 0.75"
3.75 x 5.25"

Fabric 2 (focus)

3.75 x 6.75, to layer with same size Fabric 1

Two squares, each 2.75" to make a total of 8 Flying Geese

Two rectangles, each 2 x 2.75"

Make a total of 4 squares, using the printed 2.25" HST background-fabric, layered with the same size Focus-fabric.

Make a total of 8 Flying Geese, using Linda's method of making no-waste Flying Geese.

Make two strips of Flying Geese, each with 4 geese "flying" in the same direction.
Join the two strips, points meeting.
Make the two outside strips, each consisting of ; HST-square, rectangle, HST-square
Make sure that the HST-squares are mirror-imaging each other around the rectangle.

Join the 3 strips.

Finished !

Friday, January 8, 2010

Flying Geese

Flying Geese are extremely simple to make with Inklingo, so, this month I'll be doing a number of Flying Geese blocks. The first one is Barbara Brackmann # 1967 which is simply called "Flying Geese"

Block uses Collection 2 or the new, downloadable HST collection 00B

Fabric 1 (Background)

1 square, 1" finished,
cut 1.5"

24 HST, 1"
6 x 8.25" printed landscape

Fabric 2 (Focus 1, light)
3.25" square for making 4 Flying Geese

Fabric 3 (Focus 2, medium)
3.25" square for making 4 Flying Geese

Fabric 4 (Focus 3, dark)
3.25" square for making 4 Flying Geese

Make the 3 sets of Flying Geese, using Linda Franz fast method.

Make 3 strips, as shown on picture to the right.
Please note, that the background-fabric square goes between two light Flying Geese, pointing in each their direction.

Join the strips to form a finished block

If you want the block to finish at 5", cut 2 strips that are 1 x 5.5", and join them to two opposite sides of the block.
Then cut two strips that are 1 x 6.5" and join to the remaining two sides. If you - like me - are not good freinds with your sewing-machine, you might want to cut the strips 1.25. It is easier to trim than to add :-)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year !

And I'm so sorry.
Today is the first Friday in 6 months where you do not get a new block, BUT, I need some time off, so that I can do my paid work.
I will be back, never fear !