Friday, January 15, 2010

Chain and Bar

Barbara Brackmann # 1961

Uses Collection 2 or the downloadable Inklingo HST 00B collection

Fabric 1 (background)
4 HST, each 2.25"
3.75 x 6.75"

16 HST, each 0.75"
3.75 x 5.25"

Fabric 2 (focus)

3.75 x 6.75, to layer with same size Fabric 1

Two squares, each 2.75" to make a total of 8 Flying Geese

Two rectangles, each 2 x 2.75"

Make a total of 4 squares, using the printed 2.25" HST background-fabric, layered with the same size Focus-fabric.

Make a total of 8 Flying Geese, using Linda's method of making no-waste Flying Geese.

Make two strips of Flying Geese, each with 4 geese "flying" in the same direction.
Join the two strips, points meeting.
Make the two outside strips, each consisting of ; HST-square, rectangle, HST-square
Make sure that the HST-squares are mirror-imaging each other around the rectangle.

Join the 3 strips.

Finished !

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