Friday, April 30, 2010

Old Maid's Puzzle 4

This block is 10.5" square. Much larger than the 6" that is the most common format on this blog, and it uses both the Drunkard's Path collection and Collection 2.
If you do not have Collection 2, most of the triangles can be made with the HST 00B collection, but you will need to make the large HST by hand.

Barbara Brackman : ”Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns” #2225
Jinny Beyer : ”The Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns” p. 329-12 (sort-of)

Download Printing-table here

Background fabric
28 HST, 1"
4 (unprinted) rectangles, each 1 x 2.25" finished size (cut size : 1.5 x 2.75")

Focus fabric 1 (dark)
4 HST, 4.25"
28 HST, 1"
1 Drunkard's Path centre-unit (shape C, from the Drunkard's Path collection)

Focus fabric 2 (medium)
4 quarter-circles (from the Drunkard's Path collection)

Making the block

Start by making the centre-square, joining the 4 quarter-circles to each side of the DP centre-shape.

Add the 4.25" HST to the sides.
IF you have printed the 4.25" HST from Collection 2, make sure that the centre matchpoints ... match.
Join a triangle to two opposite sides.
Add a triangle to the remaining two sides.
If you have printed the 4.25" HST (rather than hand-prepare them), your square will now be slightly larger than the block requires, so trim down your centre to 8.25".

Make the HST squares. If you are uncertain on how to, check out Linda Franz's Triangle tips.

Lay out the block, with the 1" HST around the centre.
Join the 1" HST into 4 strips of 3 units, and 4 strips of 4 units.

Make sure they are placed right in relation to each other and to the centre of the block. This is facilitated by your laying out the block as it should look in the end.

Join a 3-unit set to each side of two of the 1 x 2.5" rectangles
Join a 4-unit set to each side of the two remaining 1 x 2.5" rectangles

Join the two shorter strips to the centre.

Add the remaining, longer, strips to the centre.

Finished !

Friday, April 23, 2010

Old Maid's Puzzle 3

BB # 1913

Block finishes at 5.25"

Download printing-table here.

Background Fabric
24 HST, 0.75"

Focus Fabric 1 (medium-light)
4 rectangles, each 0.75 x 2.25" finished size

Focus Fabric 2 (dark-medium)
12 HST, 0.75"
1 square, 0.75"
4 HST, 2.25"

Making the block

Make 12 HST-squares, using BF and FF2

Add a Background-fabric HST to 8 of the squares (see picture, left). Take care to add it to the right side of the HST-squares.

Make 4 units, where you add another background-fabric HST to the other side of the square-with-triangle unit.

Make 4 units, where you add a HST-square to the top of a square-with-triangle unit.

Join the two units to make a new triangle, composed of a total of 6 background-fabric triangles and 3 focus-fabric triangles.

Join each of the pieced triangles to one of the focus-fabric, 2.25" HST, making 4 squares, each 2.25"

Lay out your block, with the rectangles and the centre square.

Add a pieced square to each side of two of the rectangles, and add a rectangle to each side of the small square of focus-fabric, making 3 "strips".

Join the strips.

Finished !

This block finishes at 5.25" square. If you want it to go with the 6" blocks, log-cabin it.
Cut 2 strips that are 1 x 5.75", and join them to two opposite sides of the block. (if you are a marvel at precision-piecing, the strips need only be 0.825" or 7/8" wide, but .... I'm not that confident, so I cut it bigger, and chop off what is not needed in the end)
Then cut two strips that are 1 x 6.75" and join to the remaining two sides.
Trim down to 6".

Friday, April 16, 2010

Old Maid's Puzzle 2

Barbara Brackmann # 1314a
Jinny Beyer # 73-10

Download printing-table here.

4 squares, each 1.5"
4 HST, each 1.5"
2 HST, each 3"

4 HST, each 1.5"
2 HST, each 3"

Making the block :

Make 4 HST-squares, each 1.5"

Make 2 HST, each 3"

Make two identical 4-patches, using the 1.5" HST-squares and two 1.5" squares

Lay out the block as a 4-patch

Join the 4-patch, and you are finished !

Friday, April 9, 2010

Old Maid's Puzzle 1

There are many blocks with the name "Old Maid's Puzzle", and the next few blocks will be some of the blocks thus named.
This block is BB # 3220 and JB 75-12. It can be made with Inklingo, exactly as it is shown in both collections, however, for ease of making it, I have added a few seam-lines.

Print-table in pdf.format here.

1 square (unprinted) 4.25"
2 QST, each 3"
4 HST, each 1.5"

12 HST, each 1.5"
2 QST, each 3"

Make 4 HST-squares, each 1.5"
Make the centre 3" QST square
Make 4 Flying Geese units, using the fast, no-waste method from Linda Franz's Inklingo homepage (here)

Lay out the block. It is a basic 9-patch once the units are joined, but make sure they turn the right way in relation to each other.

Make two units, each with a Flying Goose, and a 1.5" HST-square on either side of it.
Make one unit of the 3" QST-square, with a Flying Goose on each side of it.
Join the 3 strips

Friday, April 2, 2010

Wild Goose Chase

Barbara Brackmann # 2905a; Jinny Beyer 165-7

This is probably the block that most people associate with the name "Wild Goose Chase".
Uses either Collection 2 OR the downloadable HST 00B and QST 00B collections. If you do not have Collection 2, but "only" the downloadable collections, you need to make the large QST the old-fashioned way.
If you have the POTC / Inklingo Lite 4 collection, that comes in useful too.

Fabric-printing table here (click the link, and download a pdf-file)

IF you are iffy about downloading from, download Monkey's Cheat Sheet from Linda Franz's page, and fill in the appropriate bits yourself.

Fabric 1 (background)
1 square, 1.41"
16 HST, 1"

Fabric 2 (focus 1, medium)
4 QST, 4"

Fabric 3 (focus 2, dark)
4 HST 1"
32 QST 1"

Since the Geese in this block finishes at 0.705 x 1.41", and are on the diagonal, you need to make them the old-fashioned way, rather than Linda's Fast method. The good thing is, that by using the HST and QST required, you will have straight-on-grain the right way, and you will not need to mess around with measurements like 0.705" :-)

Making the block

Make 16 Flying Geese the old-fashioned way, adding two dark, 1" QST to each of the background-fabric 1" HST.

Make 4 strips, each consisting of 4 Flying Geese.

Add a dark fabric, 1" HST to the background-fabric end of each of the strips.

Lay out the block.

Make two units, each consisting of one strip, flanked by two 4" QST, so the dark end of the strip forms the corner.

Make one unit with the square, flanked by two strips.

Join the 3 units.

Finished !