Saturday, May 22, 2010

And an Old Maid's giveaway !

OK. Just to get this thing back on schedule, here's an incentive to get you (back to) stitching some of these sampler-blocks.

I'm giving away a charm-pack of Robyn Pandolph's "Beach House"-collection.
To qualify for a chance of winning it, you need to do ALL of the following (you have two options on # 2 and need to choose one of them)

1. Make one of the Old Maid's Puzzle blocks that have been posted since the beginning of April.

2. EITHER post a picture on your own blog, with a link to the Inklingo Sampler blog
OR send me a picture of your block. You can mail me at miz_pal /at/ hotmail / dot/ com.

3. Leave a comment on THIS post :-) With contact-information on it

You have a week !
Drawing of the prize will take place on the 29th of May, when I get up in the morning, which is close enough to midnight on the East-coast of the US to be fair :-)

Old Maid's Puzzle 5

This is probably the most horribly wonky block I have presented on this blog ! and I apologize. I am still not good enough freinds with my sewing-machine to be able to sew miniatures.

The block is BB 1317, which - when you join 4 of them - turns into BB # 1149. Both called Old Maid's Puzzle.

6" block :

Background Fabric
0.75" HST : 40
0.75" Square : 16

Focus Fabric
0.75" HST : 24
1.5" HST : 8

I used two different focus-fabrics, one for the smaller HST and one for the larger, but you can easily make it with just one Focus Fabric
The Printing Plan has printing-directions for both a 6" and a 12" block.

Start by making 24 HST-squares

Press the seam-allowance to the background-fabric !!! (yes, I know, but it makes for an easier journey further down the road)

Add a HSTriangle to each side of 8 of the HST-squares forming a larger, composite, HSTriangle
Add the larger, composite, HST to each of the 8 larger printed HST

Make 4-patches from the remaining HST-squares and the un-pieced squares

Join the squares to form a block

What you have now, is BB # 1317

Make four of these (and that's what the printing-plan aims at), and join them to make BB # 1149

And this is where you can see how seriously wonky the block is. No matter :-) It will go into my finished Inklingo Sampler quilt, and will work well there, giving joy to me as part of the pattern, and joy to any quilt-police-person who will have her/his day brightened considerably by dint of enabling her / him to point out the un-pointy points, the um-mathing seams and the sheer ... wonkiness of it :-) S/He will have a field day :-)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Magazines !

This week there is no single block, but a reference to one of the Magazines to which I subscribe. I have just received the most recent issue of Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting and there are several great quilts that are eminently Inklingoable ! I am only going to give the sizes of shapes that you need. If you want the pattern, buy the magazine :-)

IF you want to make any of the quilts, I can recommend that you download Monkey's Cheat Sheet and use it to note down all the sizes and shapes that you are going to need, AND fill it out with the relevant shape and size of Inklingo template.

... and PLEASE note that this magazine usually makes HST by using full squares ! This is not necessary with Inklingo. You can see pictures of most of them at the Fons and Porter home-page, because they have kits for most of these quilts

Watermelon & ShooFly (p. 18 ff)
Make the ShooFly blocks with 2" HST in Collection 2 or the downloadable HST 00B collection, and 2" squares found in MANY collections. Check the Index of Shapes on the Inklingo page.

Cottage in May (p. 43 ff).
Instead of cutting 2.5" squares for quick corners, print 2" HST with Collection 2 or the downloadable HST 00B collection.
Instead of cutting 3.5" squares for quick corners, print 3" HST with Collection 2 or the downloadable HST 00B collection.

Kinkame (p. 52 ff)
This quilt can ALL be made with the shapes in Collection 3. The triangles used are 0.75", 1.5" and 2.25". All found in Collection 3. Remember that the Inklingo-size is the finished size of the shape.

Cambridge Stars (p.72 ff)
The basic unit is 2.25". So print 2.25", and 4.5" HST and cut (free-hand), 2.25" (finished size) squares. The smaller HST is in the downloadable collection, both sizes are in Collection 2.

Elizabeth's Garden (p. 80 ff)
The following can be printed :
3" HST (triangle A), 1" squares (for the centre 9-patches) Again the downloadable HST 00B collection, and MANY other collections. Check the Index of Shapes at the Inklingo home-page

Variable Star (p. 86 ff)
Is made with 6" (finished size) Variable Star blocks. These blocks have already been shown on this blog, under the name of Evening Star.

Meadow Brook (p. 92 ff)
Uses 3" HST from either Collection 2 or the downloadable HST 00B collection, and 3" squares from either the Drunkard's Path collection or the 9" Storm At Sea collection

Grandmother's Daisy Garden (p. 100 ff)
I think this one is meant to be simple, using Paper-Piecing and the cutting of 60-degree angles. I think I would rather just make the hexagon flowers using the 1.5" hexagons in Collection 3, and "rectangle" them up.