Saturday, May 22, 2010

Old Maid's Puzzle 5

This is probably the most horribly wonky block I have presented on this blog ! and I apologize. I am still not good enough freinds with my sewing-machine to be able to sew miniatures.

The block is BB 1317, which - when you join 4 of them - turns into BB # 1149. Both called Old Maid's Puzzle.

6" block :

Background Fabric
0.75" HST : 40
0.75" Square : 16

Focus Fabric
0.75" HST : 24
1.5" HST : 8

I used two different focus-fabrics, one for the smaller HST and one for the larger, but you can easily make it with just one Focus Fabric
The Printing Plan has printing-directions for both a 6" and a 12" block.

Start by making 24 HST-squares

Press the seam-allowance to the background-fabric !!! (yes, I know, but it makes for an easier journey further down the road)

Add a HSTriangle to each side of 8 of the HST-squares forming a larger, composite, HSTriangle
Add the larger, composite, HST to each of the 8 larger printed HST

Make 4-patches from the remaining HST-squares and the un-pieced squares

Join the squares to form a block

What you have now, is BB # 1317

Make four of these (and that's what the printing-plan aims at), and join them to make BB # 1149

And this is where you can see how seriously wonky the block is. No matter :-) It will go into my finished Inklingo Sampler quilt, and will work well there, giving joy to me as part of the pattern, and joy to any quilt-police-person who will have her/his day brightened considerably by dint of enabling her / him to point out the un-pointy points, the um-mathing seams and the sheer ... wonkiness of it :-) S/He will have a field day :-)

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Elly D said...

I like this block very much. I may just have to make it but as a 12" block ;) You did well to make it to 6"
I hope you're over your flu by now. Hugs Ellyx