Friday, April 23, 2010

Old Maid's Puzzle 3

BB # 1913

Block finishes at 5.25"

Download printing-table here.

Background Fabric
24 HST, 0.75"

Focus Fabric 1 (medium-light)
4 rectangles, each 0.75 x 2.25" finished size

Focus Fabric 2 (dark-medium)
12 HST, 0.75"
1 square, 0.75"
4 HST, 2.25"

Making the block

Make 12 HST-squares, using BF and FF2

Add a Background-fabric HST to 8 of the squares (see picture, left). Take care to add it to the right side of the HST-squares.

Make 4 units, where you add another background-fabric HST to the other side of the square-with-triangle unit.

Make 4 units, where you add a HST-square to the top of a square-with-triangle unit.

Join the two units to make a new triangle, composed of a total of 6 background-fabric triangles and 3 focus-fabric triangles.

Join each of the pieced triangles to one of the focus-fabric, 2.25" HST, making 4 squares, each 2.25"

Lay out your block, with the rectangles and the centre square.

Add a pieced square to each side of two of the rectangles, and add a rectangle to each side of the small square of focus-fabric, making 3 "strips".

Join the strips.

Finished !

This block finishes at 5.25" square. If you want it to go with the 6" blocks, log-cabin it.
Cut 2 strips that are 1 x 5.75", and join them to two opposite sides of the block. (if you are a marvel at precision-piecing, the strips need only be 0.825" or 7/8" wide, but .... I'm not that confident, so I cut it bigger, and chop off what is not needed in the end)
Then cut two strips that are 1 x 6.75" and join to the remaining two sides.
Trim down to 6".

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