Friday, April 9, 2010

Old Maid's Puzzle 1

There are many blocks with the name "Old Maid's Puzzle", and the next few blocks will be some of the blocks thus named.
This block is BB # 3220 and JB 75-12. It can be made with Inklingo, exactly as it is shown in both collections, however, for ease of making it, I have added a few seam-lines.

Print-table in pdf.format here.

1 square (unprinted) 4.25"
2 QST, each 3"
4 HST, each 1.5"

12 HST, each 1.5"
2 QST, each 3"

Make 4 HST-squares, each 1.5"
Make the centre 3" QST square
Make 4 Flying Geese units, using the fast, no-waste method from Linda Franz's Inklingo homepage (here)

Lay out the block. It is a basic 9-patch once the units are joined, but make sure they turn the right way in relation to each other.

Make two units, each with a Flying Goose, and a 1.5" HST-square on either side of it.
Make one unit of the 3" QST-square, with a Flying Goose on each side of it.
Join the 3 strips

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