Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kaffe Fassett projects

I have (finally) gotten around to look at Kaffe Fassett and Liza Prior-Lucy's new book 'Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts' with Inklingo in mind, and here are the results :

Perfect :

Clay Tiles and Indigo Points : 2" HST template.

Target Log Cabin : The setting Windmill blocks can be made with 1.5" HST template.

Damask Quarters : Drunkard's Path collection.

Bow Tie Circles : The pattern calls for 2 and 3" squares (check them out in the index, quite a few collections have these sizes), but you can get the same effect with 3" squares and 2" HST (you can see the general technique here).

Floral Snowball : Using the same technique as above on the BowTie Circles, and, again, the 2" HST for the corners.

Bounce : For the border use 3" squares (again, check the index), and 0.75" HST.

Good approximations :

Circle of Stars : The original uses templates that seems to have 2 5/16" size basic measurement. Use the 2.25" template from Collection 3 and get a very slightly smaller quilt.

St. Marks : Same as the above. Same basic side for the templates. Do the same trick :-)

Not at all, but still ....

Belts and Braces : 2" square (several collections, see the index), 2" HST and 2" QST (but the bias will be all over the place if you do it)

Striped Donuts : Not even close to the size given in the book, but you can use the POTC-hexagon and triangle to get the same effect in your own quilt.

Haze Kilim : The block itself is not difficult to make, but (again) the measurements are not easily compatible with Inklingo. The 'small' triangle seems to be 4.25" QST, which means the sold-out collection 2. If you're willing to work with a different size block, the general pattern is very easy to Inklingo :-)

Not-so-Lone-Star : Not even close in size, but the general pattern can be made with either the Free Collection (and you have a finished quilt approximately 40" square, or use the 6" Le Moyne star collection and get a finished quilt that is approximately 54" square.

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