Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fort Sumter

Completely re-written ! on June 3, 2011

This weeks block on Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilt Sampler is not really inklingoable in the 8" format, however, with the advent of the 0.75" Log Cabin collection, the 6" size is fairly easy to do, and without all the tweaking the original posting necessitated.

Only one thing to tweak : The new directions require you to print logs that are 0.75 x 3" (finished size). You only need logs that are 2.75" long (finished size), so this is what you do.
Print the logs, then cut away one seam-allowance on the long side, and you have the perfect lenght.
And that's it ! And no, you don't need the stitching-line, you can follow the stitching-line on the 0.75" square that you will be joining to it.

There is no printing-table for the 8" block, since only one of the shapes is genuinely inklingoable, and that's the 1" square she uses for cornerstones on the centre square, but there is a brand new printing-table for the 6" version.

Brackman's post.
Printing table (6" block only), also re-written on June 3, 2011

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