Saturday, September 10, 2011

Confederate Rose

As was the case last week, this week's block on Barbara Brackman's Civil War Sampler, isn't really Inklingoable.
BUT, it is possible to fake and fudge your way through it.

Print the 2.5" QSTriangles as directed in the printing-table.
Note that you must use Layout 2 and must (!) use the size I have given. You will have a good deal of waste, but it cannot be helped if you want to use Inklingo as part of constructing the 'weird shape' you need.

From the fabric you have printed with the 2.5" QST, cut 4 squares, each with two adjacent QSTriangles.

Draw a new stitching-line, 0.25" from either of the two stitching-lines already on the two-triangle unit.
Cut another 0.25" away from the newly drafted stitching-line.
See the picture on the right. Red line is new stitching-line, green line is new cutting-line. If you have trouble seeing it, click on the picture to enlarge it.

Add these four 5-edged shapes to the 2.25" central square (cut 2.75")
Be careful NOT to stitch into the seam-allowances. Sew only from cross-hair to cross-hair (or the equivalent). That is the 'joy' of Y-seams or inset seams, but it is possible to do, even on the machine, even for me (!), but only if one does not sew into the seam-allowance but stops exactly at the corner.

Add the 1" (finished width) strips to the centre.
Strictly speaking, to make the relationship between the pieces exactly the same as is found in Brackman's block, you now need to cut the strips 1.4" for a finished width of 0.9". I have opted to make mine 1" finished (and printable with the 1" Log Cabin collection), and to print them 5" long. They need to be trimmed, BUT, if you print these, align the centre of each log with the centre seam on the 'messed with' shapes that border the centre square. That way, you can also align the 1.875" HST you need to add to the corners with the centres of both ... centre and strips, and can wait to trim until the block is actually finished.

For the 8" block, use Barbara Brackman's directions.
Printing table.

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