Friday, August 7, 2009

Double 9-patch - with 3" 9-patches

Elly's block on the left, Martha's on the right.
To see more interpretations of this block, click right here.

This block uses Collection 1 or POTC for the 1" squares, and Drunkard's Path collection for the 3" squares (or just rotary-cutter and a ruler).

If you ever considered making Calico Garden, using Inklingo to make the 3" (finished size) 9-patches that alternate with the applique blocks is a good alternative to measuring and cutting.

Or, if you have a set of 5" charms, that you really don't know what to make from, you could make 9-patches. You can fit 9 small squares on to a 5" charm, IF you cut your freezer-paper at 5.5" and place your fabric approximately in the centre

If you are a member of the Inklingo group at Yahoo, you can see Linda's pictures of how to strip-piece squares with Inklingo, right here.

Charm 9-patches For 2 blocks you need 2 charms.

On page 58 in Collection # 1, or page 28 in the POTC collection, pick the ink-colour/s that will work the best with your charm/s

Cut the freezer-paper 5.5" square when printing charms, and place the charm on the middle of the paper. Iron gently in the middle, so the fabric and paper stick together, turn over, and finish ironing from the paper-side.

Print both charms.

Cut each charm into 3 strips, each with 3 squares.
Join a strip from charm 1 to a strip from charm 2

On one of the strips, join a third strip, so the strip-set has colours 1,2,1
On the other strips, join the remaining third strip, so the strip-set has colours 2,1,2
Press both strip-sets to the darkest fabric.
Cut each strip-set into 3 sections.

Lay out the two 9-patches, one will have light corners, the other will have dark corners.

Piece the strips together to form a 9-patch.
Finished !

You could also make a 6" finished block, using two 9-patches, with same distribution of lights and darks, and 2 squares, cut at 3.5"
(for a finished size of 3") :

Fabric 1 (Background)
2 squares, each cut 3.5" OR
4 x 7.75" for printing two 3" squares
3.5 x 6.75" for printing 8 1" squares

Fabric 2 (Focus)
3.5 x 8" for printing ten 1" squares

From p. 24 of the Drunkard's Path Collection, pick the ink-colour that will work best with your fabric.
Iron freezer-paper to the front / right side of the fabric.
Print 2 squares that finish at 3"

From p. 57 of Collection # 1 OR p. 28 of the Lucy Boston / POTC collection, pick the ink-colour that will work best with your fabric.
Iron freezer-paper to the front / right side of the fabric.
Print 10 squares of focus-fabric and 8 squares of background-fabric. These layouts enable you to strip-piece the 9-patches.

Cut the printed fabric into strips that are 1 x 2 (printed) squares

Join the strips in sets of 3

Cut each strip-set in half, and lay out as a 9-patch

Join the new strip-sets to form two 9-patches

Lay out the solid squares and the 9-patches so they form the pattern you want.


Finished !

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