Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hexagon bonus block # 2

The Hexagon Star or Starflower.
Finished side is 3"

- and again Linda has joined me, and have stitched this hexagon in a different colourway.

For still more ways to colour this block, you can see right here.

This block uses collection 3.

Fabric 1 (background)
5.5 x 6.25"

Fabric 2 (focus)
5.5 x 6.25"

This block uses the 1.5" diamond shape found on p. 122 in collection 3.

From this page, pick the ink-colours that work best with your fabrics.

Iron your fabric, to a piece of freezer-paper the same size.


This block is made like the LeMoyne star, only with 6 star-points rather than 8.

As with the LeMoyne star, to me, the simplest way to do this star, is by hybrid-piecing. I piece the star on the machine, and do all the inset seams by hand.

Machine-piecing :

Join two diamonds.
Press seam to one side.
Add a third diamond.
Press to the same side.

Repeat, making certain that you press the diamonds in the second set, the same way you pressed the diamonds in the first set.

Join the two star halves.
Press, and twirl the centre where 6 seams meet.


Join the outside diamonds in one, continuous seam, to the star-shape.



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Frummie said...

I am off to make the 6" diamond.
Last night around 10 PM I dragged Charlie to Barnes and Noble to look at books with traditional blocks. I found a few. I bought the Civil War Diary Quilt. My children are now living in Columbia, South Carolina, and some of the diaries were from there. The book can be totally made with INKLINGO!