Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Coasters - The Bat

Here's a fun, fast and cute little non-square block to make into Halloween coasters.

Uses Collection 2 and (if you want to print squares and rectangles as well) the POTC-collection or collection 1.

Finished size of coaster : 5 x 6"

Barbara Brackmann # 217.5

Focus (bat)
One 6.25" square
Two 1" squares (cut 1.5")

7.25 x 7.5" (for printing), Collection 2, p. 74
4 rectangles, each 1 x 2" (cut 1.5 x 2.5") OR print from the Lucy Boston / POTC collection, p. 68
3.5 x 5.75"

Two scraps, each 5.5 x 6"

Two scraps, each 6 x 6.5"

Make two units of rectangle-square-rectangle (picture)
Make 4 Flying Geese, using the method described in Collection 2, p. 34-35, or in the Triangle Tips p. 10-11

Join the units as shown in the picture


Cut the two scraps you have picked for backing, down the middle, making each into two rectancles, 3 x 6.5".

Using the basting-stitch on your sewing-machine, piece them back together again.

Press to one side.

Layer your bits as shown on the picture : Backing and Block with right sides together. The batting on top of the pieced square. Yes. This is important. You need to have the seam on the backing accessible, because next step is :

Unpick the basting-stitch you used to join the two halves of your backing.


Hand-stitch closed ... and that is fairly easy, because you pressed the seams on the backing, so they have a nice crease on one side.

Quilt if / as desired.

Repeat for the other one.

Finished !


blueheron91 said...

This is very cute, Tilde... Thanks so much! I look forward to making a set.

Cathie in UT said...

Awww how cute and a great idea for a Non scary bat! LOL
I need some eyes on him maybe with some glitter glue from my scrapbook stash?