Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hexagon bonus block # 6

Texas Star

Finished size of block : 3" to the side.
Uses Collection # 3

The version on the right is made by Linda, and she has added half-triangles as a setting, from the Inklingo KISS 101 collection.

Fabric 1 (background)
6 diamonds (p. 122), 1.5"
5.5 x 6.25"

Fabric 2 (focus A)
6 starpoints, (p. 97), o.75"
5 x 6"

Fabric 3 (focus B)
1 hexagon (p. 82), 0.75"
Small scrap, or smallest piece that priter will accept. With my printer, that is 3 x 5", which will yield 2 hexagons.

Another nice, traditional hexagon-block. It is basically a hexagon-flower with an attitude, and like the hexagon flower, it can be hybrid pieced, or you can use Cathi's tutorial.

Start by making the star.
The arrows on the picture on the left shows how I pieced mine.

First the green arrows, adding 3 starpoints to the centre hexagon
Second the orange arrows, inserting the remaining 3 starpoints into the mix, and finishing the star.
Finally the red arrows for the outside diamonds. They can be added with one, continuous thread.

This block can be made in a version that is 4" to the side, if you use the 1" Starpoints and hexagon from Collection 1, and the 2" diamond from the KISS collection102.

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