Saturday, August 13, 2011

Indiana Puzzle

Week 33 of Barbara Brackman's Civil War Sampler is called 'Indiana Puzzle'. As always, reading her stories about the Civil War is very interesting. I, at least, am learning a lot.

Completely re-written on August 25th after Linda Franz issued an intoxicating SIX different sizes of Drunkard's Path collections, and a wonderful Design Book.

I've made one printing table for the 6" block, which uses the 3" Drunkard's Path collection. BUT, there are two different options on the 8" block : one circle (using the 4" Drunkard's Path collection) or 4 circles (using the ├╝ber-cute 2" Drunkard's Path collection).

Taking my cue from Brackman's block, he printing-tables are based on using 4 different fabrics. Two different ones for the circle, two other ones for the background.
HOWever, you can make the block using just two fabrics, and the AB combo layout found in all the Drunkard's Path collections. If you do that, you need to print two combos of both fabrics to make this week's block.

When it comes to the 3" collection, a 5" charm will print one of each shape, and by using 4 charms and printing the combo, you'll have a wonderful, scrappy block.

Brackman's post.
Printing table.

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