Saturday, August 20, 2011


Week 34 of the Brackman sampler, and we're rolling in HSTriangles.
The 6" block is eminently Inklingoable
The 8" block is less so.

A few notes (on the 8" size) :
I have given the Inklingo-sizes that are equivalent to the sizes Brackman gives on her blog. However, please note, that since this block has 3 triangles spread over 4" of space, the size given by Brackman will give you a unit which is too small.

If you - like I - own just about every Inklingo collection known to woman, you can use other sizes. A better approximation to the sizes actually needed to make an accurate 8" block are :
  • 1.32" HST in the 15" Feathered Star collection
  • 2.64" HST in the 30" Feathered Star collection
The 1.32" HST equals Brackman's template A (where you need 12 of one fabric and 8 of another)
The 2.64" HST equals Brackman's template C (where you need 4)
And then you need the 4" HST

Brackman's post here.
Printing-table here.

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