Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birds in the Air

Week 9 of Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts Sampler is Birds in the Air

I've given printing directions for slightly more shapes than you need. Makes it easier to machine-piece that way.
Do not print the Focus 1 fabric, but layer it with your printed background-fabric and stitch from the BF-side.
If you hand-piece, print all (possible) fabrics.

The block isn't really Inklingoable in the 8" format, so you're on your own there, but it is eminently Inklingoable in the 6" format.

added on March 20
Took my own advice from another post (duh!), and went to Linda's wonderful page of Triangle Tips on
Open the Triangle-tips page.
Scroll down.
Find a version of Birds in the Air that is eminently Inklingoable and how to make it.
To make things even better : Linda's version makes the 8" block inklingoable :-)
end of addition.

Do not print the Focus 1 HST. The size of fabric given in the printing-table is for layering with half of the printed Background Fabric HST

Machine-piecing : Make a total of 4 squares from background- and Focus 1 fabric. Discard one.
Join them as shown by Brackman.
Add the large, Focus 2 fabric HST.


Link to Brackman's post and her directions.
Link to the printing table.

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