Sunday, February 13, 2011

Log Cabin

Week 7 of Barbara Brackmann's Civil War Sampler quilt is a Log Cabin.

Correction to first post :

Eminently Inklingoable in the 6" format, with the new 1" Log Cabin collection. However, since this collection doesn't print less than 2 strips well, the printing table is for the making of two (!) blocks. I'm sure the other one can easily be transformed into a nice coaster :-)

For the 8" block, just follow Brackmann's directions to the letter :-) or use the 1" Log Cabin collection and make more logs than the ones Brackman does. That's what the printing table does. Shows you how to make an 8" Log Cabin block with logs that finish 1" wide.

Brackmann's directions here.
Printing Table here.

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