Sunday, February 13, 2011


Week 6 of Barbara Brackmann's Civil War Sampler quilt is called Richmond.

It's a lovely block and mostly Inklingoable in both the 6" and the 8" format (since the HST 00A collection came out)

In the 6" format, the only size that isn't perfectly there, are the small squares that make up the 4-patches between the star-points. For a 6" finished block, those squares should be 0.7". Inklingo has an 0.75" square in both the Octagon / KISS 103 collection and the Storm At Sea collection in the 4.5" size.
Use that.
My suggestion is, that most of the 0.05" difference will be eaten up if you stitch just inside the Inklingo stitching-line, rather than on it or just outside it. If that is too much, use the HST you border it with to give you the right size, using the same technique shown with the Bow Tie block and the Garden of Eden block shown on this blog.

Link to Brackmann's post.
Printing-table. Updated on May 23, 2011.

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