Monday, March 14, 2011

Interlacing Block - Log Cabin collection

Linda has made a new collection. The Log Cabin-collection, which is basically lots of rectangles, all 1" wide (finished size) and all in increments of the same 1" width. Perfect for making Log Cabin-blocks.

There are other blocks that one can make with this collection, though. One is the True Lover's Knot (which is also called Interlacing Block, and I've also seen it referred to as Carpenter's Square).

I haven't actually pieced the block shown on the right side. It is the same block Linda shows on p. 5 of the Log Cabin / Rectangle collection, and it is a variation on the 'True Lover's Knot' version that Barbara Brackman has in her Encyclopedia. As you can see, this variation 'weaves' the red (dark) fabric ... a feature that could look seriously cool in a striped or otherwise directional fabric. It doesn't make for very comfortable machine-sewing in my book, though, since this version will require loads of partial seams.

HOWever, I've written up printing directions for it. I'm sure there's someone adventurous out there who's very good freinds with her sewing-machine and can whip it up in no time flat :-) I can't.
The printing table is for two blocks, since most printers have a policy about not printing anything slimmer than 3".

Printing Table.


Cathie in UT said...

Thanks for the heads up Tilde. It has been on my want to do one day list for a few years!
Nice to see another use for a basic collection

Sharon@MN said...

I love this block! Thank You!!