Thursday, March 31, 2011


Two new collections and a FREE design-book of Sunflowers.
This is a block / quilt I've been wanting to make for years, so I got it immediately. And to help the rest of you, I've made printing-tables for both the 6" and the 12" size.

There are two printing tables for each. Cutting out the 6" size I found that Layout 1 for both the inner and outer triangles of the Sunflower were surprisingly fiddly to cut out, so I've made two printing-tables for each size : one with Layout 1 for both inner and outer triangles, and one for Layout 2 for both inner and outer triangles.

Printing-table for one 6" Sunflower.
Printing-table for one 12" Sunflower.

If you want to make the Double Sunflower shown in the design-book, you need both collections, and you need to print most of both Sunflowers; the bits you do not print are : Background for the 6" Sunflower and Centre Circle for the 12" Sunflower.

And then pictures of back and front of just the flower part.

One of the advantages of hand-piecing (at least to me) is, that I don't press as I go. I more-or-less stitch one block all the way to the finish before I press. However, with the Sunflower, I would recommend that you press before adding the background (which transforms the round flower into a square block).
Press all the outer seams in one direction, and all the inner ones in a different one. You can then twirl the many seams that meet at the middle of the diamonds, and it will help you to keep the block flat.

(if you have trouble seeing what I mean, try clicking on the picture, it will take you to a larger version where my point might be easier to see.)


LiteMotif said...

OOOOhhh this is beautiful...I am so tempted. you do such wonderful work.

Cyn ;-) said...

Oh, Tilde! Your block is gorgeous... I feel myself weakening. I'm not seeing blocks, but flowing, undulating piecing in beautiful borders!

svelder said...

I love your choice of fabrics! Wonderful blocks! And thank you so much for the printing tables for these as well as all the other ones you prepare and share! How exciting!

Elly D said...

This is another Gorgeous block Tilde :) I wish I could sew quicker... well sew something would be a good start ;)
Monkey and I think you ROCK! Ellyx

Jeanne said...

Totally gorgeous! So different from Cathi's, but equally gorgeous.

Linda and Monkey said...

Monkey and I think you ROCK!

Sharon@MN said...

The sunflower blocks are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!