Friday, March 18, 2011

Octagon Star

Another 'out of order' block.
Julie asked a question on the Inklingo Yahoo-group (come and join us, we're a friendly and helpful bunch for all things Inklingo). She asked whether this quilt was inklingoable. (the quilt is shown on Bonnie Hunter's blog, in this posting)
It is and it isn't.
It is inklingoable in as much as you can use Inklingo-shapes to make it, it isn't, in as much as you need to manipulate some of the shapes to make it work.

The block (without setting) uses the Free Collection.

To avoid bias on the outside of each block, I would recommend printing from Layout D, even if it is the least economical of the four layouts in the FREE collection. Each block will finish at 4.88” from straight side to straight side, and each side of the octagon is 2.02".

Printing :
Print 12 diamonds in each of two colours. I have chosen Layout D, because that one gives me no bias on the outside edges of the Octagon Star block.

Printing table here.

Manipulate 8 diamonds from each colour (click on picture to get a larger view, if you have trouble seeing the lines):
Draw a new stitching-line from corner-point to corner-point on each of the 8 diamonds (red line on picture)
Draw a new cutting-line, o.25" from this line (green on picture).
Cut at the new cutting-line.
Discard the smaller bits

Please note, that since I have printed my diamonds in two interlacing rows, I am able to cut-off 8 diamonds for manipulating, draw the new stitching-line on all 8 and just cut across (look at the picture !)

Add a cut-off diamond to each side of each complete diamond. Use Colour 1 triangles with Colour 2 diamonds and vice versa.
If you're machine-piecing, press between all seams.
Make sure you press all seams on the triangle-diamond-triangle unit to the same side ! If you do that, all the outside seams will twirl in one direction, whereas all the centre-seams will twirl in the other direction, thus minimizing bulk.

Make a total of 8 units, 4 in each colourway.

Join the units two and two. Again, press after each seam, and make sure you join them the 'same way', that all four sets are identical when opened.

Join units two and two.

Join the two halves.

Finished !

So, yes Julie, the Octagon Star is inklingoable :-)


donna said...

You are brillant!! Thanks for making this so easy.
Donna Steele (newbie)Glendale,Ca.

Loretta said...

Holy Cow, I knew it had to be this way. Thanks for posting this, Tilde! I am intrigued by this quilt as well.

Cathie in UT said...

thanks Tilde...I am thinking I would want it a bit larger if I were to ever make it so maybe one day Linda will Supersize" the free collection for a fee! LOL