Sunday, August 7, 2011

Carolina Lily

This week's block on Barbara Brackman's Civil War Sampler is inspired by the Carolina Lily. The 'real' block has 3 lilies and some applique. This one only has one lily, placed in a 'vase'.

The block uses (mostly) the 6" LeMoyne star collection for the 6" size block. For the 8" size block, follow Brackman's directions, or make the 6" block, and then Log-cabin it, using the 1" Log Cabin collection, to make the 6" block into an 8" one.

I would hybrid-piece this one. Use the machine for most of the seams, but hand-stitch the inset seams between the petals of the lily, just as I would an ordinary / full LeMoyne star.

Brackman's post.

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Elly D said...

Dear Tilde,
Thank you so much for all your hard work producing the patterns for these blocks.
I have 'collected' all the ones for the 'old sampler' blocks that you did pre- BB CW. So that I can catch up and finish the ones I started with you way back.... in 2009. Also, the odd BB CW to make to 12" for my rainbow challenge... though I don't plan to make all the BB ones. Your charts are most appreciated. So Thank you again. 4 of these Carolina Lilys would look great as a 12" block so that is on my list "to do"
Hugs Elly (who will now stop filling up your inbox ;))