Friday, July 3, 2009

LeMoyne star

I've decided to start this sampler with the free collection. You need to register to "buy" it, but it is free, and Linda is one of the Good Guys and will not abuse your information.

To see other interpretations of this block, click right here.

She and Monkey even printed and made some lovely, bright LeMoyne stars for us to start with :-)

Directions on how to download an Inklingo collection, are here.
The free download on printing custom paper sizes is right here.

One Block

Fabric 1 (Background Fabric)
3.75 x 8" (printed in Portrait mode)

On page 30 of the Free Collection, you find the catalogue of the combo shape-collection. Pick the ink-colour that works best with your fabric, and print 1 set.

Fabric 2 (Focus Fabric)
Either 3.5 x 9.75 (printed in Portrait mode)
OR 5.25 x 6.5" (printed in Landscape mode)

On page 8 of the free collection, you find the catalogue of the diamond shape. Pick the ink-colour that works best with your fabric and print 1 set.

Directions / Help on how to sew a LeMoyne Star can be found in chapter 1 of the Inklingo Handbook. This chapter is a free download, and comes with the free collection (pp H1 - H48).

Before you start joining the bits, lay them all out on a scrap piece of batting, to make sure you have all the bits.

I prefer to do LeMoyne stars by hybrid piecing. I piece the star by machine and do the inset seams by hand.

If you want to make this block a 6" finished, cut 2 strips 1.25 x 5" and 2 strips 1.25 x 6.5 ", and 'log-cabin' the block.

6" LeMoyne Star
This star is sewn exactly like the above. The only difference is in their finished size, and therefore, in the fabric requirements.

One Block

Fabric 1 (background)
4.5 x 9.75" (portrait)

Fabric 2 (focus)
4 x 11.5 " (portrait)
6.5 x 7.5" (landscape)

Doll-quilt :
To make 12 blocks with same background-fabric throughout, here are the requirements when using the free (4.5") collection

Fabric 1 (Background Fabric, page 30)
4 sheets, each 7.75 x 10.5", printed in landscape mode

Fabric 2 (Focus Fabric, page 8)
4 sheets, each 7.5 x 12.25", printed landscape mode
4 sheets, each 7.75 x 11.5", printed portrait mode
6 sheets, each 6.25 x 7.5", printed portrait mode (in case you only have letter-size freezer-paper)

You could also do like Linda has done : Print the combo on p. 32 and make two (or more) mirror-image blocks. One combo-set reqires a sheet, 6.75 x 9.75"
You will also need fabric for sashing (if you want that) or setting-squares, and for border, binding and backing as well. The requirements above are solely for the making of the blocks.

This block, in the 4.5" size, is used in the Dear Jane quilt.
If you know of other patterns or books that uses this block in either of these two sizes, please let me know, and I'll make links to each of the ones I'm aware of.

You can contact me at : miz_pal (at) hotmail (dot) com.

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