Thursday, July 16, 2009

Making hexagons into squares

To make your hexagon-blocks into 6" squares, there are a number of options.

One is, to applique the hexagon to a piece of back-ground fabric. Cut the fabric at 7.5", so you have some leeway with regard to placement of the hexagon.

Another option is :

On the paper-side of a sheet of freezer-paper, print a sheet of 1.5" triangles without seam-allowance (collection 3, page 145)
Cut out one (or more) 3" triangles, using the print as your guide. You may want to mark your cutting-lines with a marker.

Fold down the middle.
Cut the fold.

You now have two reversed half-triangles, whose longest side is the 3" you need.

Prepare your setting-triangles the "old-fashioned" way, ironing them to the wrong (!) side of the fabric, marking your stitching-line around the template, and then cutting 0.25" outside the stitching-line.

Join these to each their corner of the hexagon

Cut 2 strips, each 1 x 6.5"
Join a strip to each side of the rectangle.

Trim to 6.5" (which is what a 6" finished block measures before you join it to anything else)

The third (and by far simplest) version is, to download the half-triangles that constitute the Inklingo KISS (keep it simple, stitchers) collection # 101.
You still need to put a strip on the top and button of the block, but the triangles in that collection will ensure that you don't have to mess around and make the corners yourself. Just print, and they are ready to roll.

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