Friday, July 10, 2009

9 patch - 6" finished size

Elly and Martha are helping me with this one, and are doing blocks with me, so you can see them made up in different colourways than the one I've chosen to make. Elly's block in 30'es repros on the right, Martha's in brights on the left.

Other interpretations of this block can be found here.

This one uses collection 1 OR the Patchwork of the Crosses / Lucy Boston collection. Both have a 1" and a 2" square.

One Block (6" finished)

Fabric 1 (Background Fabric)
5.75" square

OR, since you will be using at least 16 2" squares for this and the next couple of blocks, you might want to print 8 squares on a piece of 5.5 x 10.75" fabric (printed landscape), or 12 squares on an 8 x 10.75" fabric.

Fabric 2 (Focus Fabric)
5.75 x 8.25"

On page 59 in Collection # 1 or page 52 in the POTC collection, pick the ink-colour most suitable for your fabric. You have to print 6 squares of Fabric 2, and thus will have 1 surplus.

For machine-piecing you need to print only one of the fabrics, for hand-piecing you will want to print both.

Cut out the squares from both fabrics at the same time, by layering the printed sheet on top, and the un-printed one below.

Lay out the 9-patch.
Join 3 sets of AB
Press to the darker fabric.

Join another square to each set, so you have 2 sets of BAB and 1 set of ABA.

Join the 3 strips to form a 9-patch.

Finished !

Doll-quilt :
To make 12 blocks, each 6" square, the requirements are :

Fabric 1 (Background Fabric)
4 sheets, each 8 x 10.75" (portrait)

Fabric 2 (Focus Fabric)
5 sheets, each 8 x 10.75" (portrait)

This block, in this size, is used in the Shipshewana Blessings quilt.
If you know of other patterns or books that uses this block in this size, please let me know, and I'll make links to each of the ones I'm aware of. miz_pal (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Brackman's Encyclopedia # 1601

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Frummie said...

Hi Tilde,
I believe there is a Shooting Star block in the
correct size...Fons and Porter's, Fall 2009 magazine on page 72. This quilt was designed by Gudrun Erla.
Hope this helps.