Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Starting out

In the following weeks, I will start posting blocks on this blog.

All blocks will be made using Inklingo, and the general aim (in my mind) is to end up with some sort of quilt, BUT, I make no promises ... not even to myself.
My hope is, that the blocks shown here might inspire. Either to make your own sampler, to try and follow my widely meandering footsteps, or to just attempt one or two blocks that you like.

Also, if you need some inspiration to try out some of the various shapes found in the collections you own, it is my hope that you might find a place to start, right here.

The first couple of months, you will be able to get by using only scraps. The blocks are simple, and none of them require a lot of fabric, so ... how much better can it get ? Getting to know the program you already have, and using a few scraps.

Since I am "just doing it", I have no idea what-so-ever how big the sampler will be, how many different blocks I will end up making, or, indeed, how big the individual blocks will be

I will attempt to make the blocks into "Full inches square", but it will not always be possible.

Before you embark on this adventure with me, you might want to download some of the free resources that are on the Inklingo (commercial) web-page.

Download instructions (as most of Inklingo is now web-based and only exists as downloads)

Monkey's Guided Tour.
The Inklingo Demo Video.
Printing Custom Sizes.
Chapter 1 of the Inklingo Handbook.

All of the above are great resources. And then there is the Free Collection.

There is much help and companionship to be found at the Inklingo Group with Yahoo, but you need to be a member to read the posts and access the resources.
You do not need to be a member to see all the many and varied projects that Inklingoists are making, you can check them out at the Inklingo Projects blog.

I hope you will join me in this adventure, and that we will all find it an enjoyable, if somewhat unstructured quest.

The fabrics I use are :
Cinnamon and Spice by Jo Morton for Andover
Charleston IV by Judie Rothermel for Marcus
Ecru ton-sur-ton by Den Haan & Wagenmakers (found here)

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