Saturday, May 28, 2011


This week's block on the Brackman Sampler is called 'Blockade'
In the 6" format, it uses 1.5" HST and 3" QST; in the 8" format, it calls for 2" HST and 4" QST.
HOWever, for the growing number of people who do not have access to the (sold out) Collection 2 on CD, the 4" QST is a problem.
Not worry. By adding a few, but crucial, seams, the entire block can be made with one size HST.
I've made two printing-tables for each size. One with the big QST, the other without the QST.

... oh, and for once, I've made the block as well, and you can see what I mean. This block is made entirely from HST.

Picture on the left shows the HST-squares before joining.

Brackman's post here.
Printing-tables here.

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