Saturday, May 14, 2011

New England Block

Week 2o of the Brackman Civil War Sampler Quilt.

... and isn't it fortuitous, that Linda is now out with a collection of HST in 'odd' sizes ? Last week, she had a post on square-in-a-square on the All About Inklingo blog.
Now she has issued a collection of 'odd size' triangles (pieces or fractions of eight) that are needed, just as they are needed.

I think it is nifty, because having the 'of eight' increments in HST, means that this block is fully Inklingoable in both sizes.

Please note, that in both sizes, you print some rectangles from a Log Cabin collection. They need to be cut down to size after printing, but you can use the printed squares in the block as a 'ruler' to get the correct length.

Also, if you are making the 6" version, using the 0.5" Log Cabin collection, remember that the seam-allowance on these are NOT 0.25" but are slimmer.

Brackman's post.
Printing Table

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