Sunday, May 29, 2011

Apple Core pattern - revision

While clearing-and-cleaning on my computer, I re-found the pattern for this little bag.

First, it was available at the Inklingo Yahoo-list.
Then I revised it - very slightly - and put it up here on the Sampler-blog, for free, and now I have moved it, yet again.
So far, 120 people have downloaded the pattern, and the only one commenting on it (or taking the time to say 'thank you') is someone who has already made the project, did so when it was on the Yahoo list.

ANYway :

Go to my 'Just Giving' page.

You can still download the pattern for free, there are no strings attached to this one, but I want you to consider donating some money for 'Doctor's Without Borders'. You can do it via the above 'Just Giving' page (which works with your credit-card or PayPal account, from anywhere in the world) or go direct to your local / national chapter of that charity and donate direct to them. I'll work this pattern on the honor system.

A pattern like this would sell for anything from 8-12 $ so please take that into consideration.

It is a neat little hand-piecing project (I don't do apple-core on the machine, but I'm sure someone out there is able to), and it doesn't require all that much fabric to make.

Enjoy !


Elly D said...

This is a very cute bag Tilde and very similar to one I have made ;) This is a great picture of it. hugs Ellyx

*karendianne. said...

What a great bag!!!

Corrie said...

Looks like fun!

happyknitter said...

Thank You so much for this pattern. I can not believe that I was the only one to donate to you giving page.
A few dollars (skip that lunch with the girls) can go a long way in the fundraising. I will shop my stash for the next month and give my "fabric allowance" to "Doctors Without Borders" again and Believe Me, I will feel a lot better for it.