Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Letter B - Hexagon

The Letter B looks a bit squished on the right side. Trust me when I say, that it won't look better if you make it a hexagon longer compared to this. I've tried, and this is what I consider to be the better looking option. As always when making letters with fixed geometrical forms (like the hexagon), you need to be able to live with small oddities, and the way the letters vary in width.

Printing-table for The Letter B, here.

To make the block a perfect rectangle, you need to use two quarter hexagons for the upper and lower right corner of the block. I really, seriously, couldn't be bothered to print those fiddly quarter-pieces for the few letters that require them (I am making my alphabet with the 0.5" size hexagon), so I just used half-hexagons, even though they are not waht is needed.

If you do that, this (picture on the right) is what your letter B will look like before trimming (if you use only half-hexagons and not quarter hexagons)

Just trim away the excess. It isn't much, not even in the larger sizes, and it will make your life easier to just do it like this.

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