Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brackman Sampler : Corrections 2

Another week has gone by, and I have gotten another few of the blocks sewn.
Again, this means corrections to the printing-tables.

Follow the links given below, and download the printing-table on the relevant block again.
This week, there are corrections and updates on :

Lincoln's Platform, week 10

London Square, week 11

Little Blue Basket, week 13 has a completely new printing-table, and I have put up directions, for making the block 6" by adding a handle and shifting the balance of the block ever-so-slightly.
You are on your own when it comes to drafting the handle, but it isn't all that hard. If you have QuiltPro or EQ-some-number-or-other, I'm sure you can either find something useable in one of the block-libraries, or draft something on your own.

Ford Sumter, week 15 has a brand new post too. After the 0.75" Log Cabin collection, this is much, much easier to make using Inklingo. Still no printing table for the 8" block, but the 6" block now takes an absolute minimum of messing about.

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