Saturday, June 18, 2011

Calico Puzzle

Week 25 of Brackman's Civil War sampler is an old favourite : The Calico Puzzle.

In Brackman's measurements (which are also the ones given in the printing-table for the 8" block), you will end up with a block that is 8.25” finished size, and will thus need to trim it down to 8”.

The most appropriate size HST and square to use for the 8" block, would be 2.67”. That size is practically impossible to cut, and there are no perfectly sized squares or HST in any Inklingo collection to match it.
HOWever. If you own the 30” Feathered Star, that one has a 2.64” HST. Print your HST in that size; stitch them just outside of the seam-line, thus giving you the extra millimeter you would like to have. Once the HST-squares are pieced, use the finished unit as a 'ruler' to make your squares. You will get a better approximation at 8” square block compared to Brackman's measurements.

In the 6" size, the block is eminently Inklingoable and easy as pie to make :-)

Brackman's post here.
Printing-table here.

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