Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Letter F - Hexagon

Printing-table here.

This is the first letter where sewing it mirror-image is a potential problem, particularly if you follow Linda Franz's recommendations and "stitch from the back", i.e. lay the block out with the wrong side of the block visible (watch or re-watch the DVD in Quilted Diamonds 2)

Hitherto, all letters have been either top-bottom, or right-left symmetrical, which means that there are limits to how badly you can mess it up. The letters F, G, J, L, N, P, Q, R, S, and Z however, can be messed up if you don't get it right when turning it wrong side up, so here is what you do with those :
  • Lay out the letter on a piece of paper or cardboard, right side up. This means the letter looks as it is supposed to look, from the right side, when you have finished piecing it.
  • Carefully place a scrap of batting on top of your laid-out letter.
  • Pat gently.
  • Turn over the cardboard / batting sandwich, so you now have the paper/ cardboard on top.
  • Gently lift off paper / cardboard.
  • On the batting, your letter is now laid out, wrong side up. And you know it'll turn out right, which is a relief.
Simple, eh ?
Let me know if the above directions are not sufficiently clear. I would hate to confuse more than instruct on this one.

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