Monday, June 6, 2011

True Lover's Knot

The 'Interlacing block' (or 'True Lover's Knot') that has been shown on this blog previously, is a lovely thing. But really. Doing all those inset seams ? On the machine ? ... because stitching this many straight seams is as made for machine-work.

I can't face it. I really can not.

Now, if I was doing this block in a striped fabric, or in a fabric that will show seams very clearly, even from a distance, I would feel that it was absolutely necessary, but ...

So, I've looked at it again, and re-arraged a few seams, and used the 0.75" Log Cabin collection. And now I have a 6" square block that will fit right in with most of the other blocks I've made on this Sampler blog. The printing-table, however, features all 3 sizes of Log Cabin collections.

The block isn't hard to do, when you rearrange the seams as I have. However, the piecing sequence is important. Get that wrong, and you'll be up the creek in no time flat (do not ask me how I know that, unless you're fond of seeing a grown woman cry).
To help y'all avoid the frustration, I've made a piecing-sequence diagram.

- Sounds fancy, doesn't it ? 'Printing Sequence Diagram'.Well, it isn't complicated at all, it's just words, and the reality behind the words is simple -

Anyway : I drafted the easier way, seam by seam, and Linda emended it and changed it into an easy to interpret pdf-file which you can print and keep next to your sewing-machine as you stitch.
I would actually recommend making no less than 2 of these. For one thing, you will waste less fabric when printing, for another, you can piece them simultaneously (using something like Bonnie Hunter's Leader-Ender technique), and not waste miles of thread.

Printing-table for Lover's Knot block (for all 3 Log Cabin collections)
Printing-sequence diagram.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! YOU'RE BRILLIANT. It's so kind of you to share with all of us.

Jane in FL

Anonymous said...

You are a goddess! Thank you so very much! My daughter (senior in college) has been dating a Marine and they very recently decided to get married New Years Eve. I found the pattern for this and thought it was perfect for them; and yes, she loves it! It was then that I realized the *pattern* was lacking. Thank goodness that I found you! You have saved me SO much time (and frustration).
Love, love, love you!
Christie F. from Atlanta, GA

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tilde for sharing your experience with us! I'm (now) especially looking forward to stitching a couple of True Lover's Knot blocks.
~Jillian in North Dakota

Pamela Jans said...

Just discovered this and I have to add my thanks as well.
Brilliant!! And so generous. Thank you again.