Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ladies' Aid Album

Please note, that the centre square and the corner squares are NOT the same size !
Not in the 8" size and the measurements given by Brackman, not in the 6" size and the measurements given by me.
It is quite possible to make this with the same size square in the centre and the corners, at least in the 6" size, but I have chosen to follow Brackman's lead here, and make them different.

Disregarding which size you make : Use Linda's brilliant quick Flying Geese with Inklingo method. Go to the Triangle Tips page, (hidden under the 'Support and Goodies' tab on the Inklingo web-page), scroll down a bit, and then download the FREE pdf with directions on how to make Flying Geese with Inklingo. The measurements given here are based on you using that technique.

I have not (yet) stitched this week's block, and it will probably be another week or two before I get back to stitching the Brackman blocks. However, the printing-tables have been made.

Brackman's post here.
Printing table here

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