Saturday, May 7, 2011

Missouri Star

Week 19 of Barbara Brackman's Civil War Sampler quilt is called Missouri Star

Now, isn't it fortunate, that this week, with the square in a square for the centre, of the block, that Linda has just made a post on her 'All About Inklingo' blog, which deals with how you get from a known size HST to an unknown size square (or vice versa). Go check out the Measurements of Half Square Triangles post.

This week's block is fully Inklingoable in the 6" format, and almost fully Inklingoable in the 8" format (fully Inklingoable only if you've got the sold-out Collection 2 on CD).

And please note : When you make the star-points, do not make 8 identical ones. If you do, you'll get different coloured tips. Make two mirror-image set of each 4 star-points.

Brackman's Post.
Printing Table.

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