Saturday, July 30, 2011

Empty Spools

Week 31 of Barbara Brackman's Civil War Sampler is (fortunately) a very simple block.
No need for a printing-table, though, since only one shape is printable.

For the 8" size, follow Brackman's directions.

For the 6" size :
From both Background and Focus fabrics, cut a square, 7.25"
Cut in half diagonally, twice, making 4 QST of each.

You need two of those squares from each of your fabrics.

From focus-fabric :
Print two 3" QST (from the QST 00B collection). Use layout 2, in rows, and print a sheet that is 4 x 4.5" printed Landscape.

Using the technique described for the Bow Tie blocks, (shown previously on this blog) add the smaller focus-triangles to the larger background-fabric triangles.

Trim behind the smaller triangles.
Join the 4 triangles to form a square.
Finished !

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