Saturday, July 9, 2011

Brackman Sampler : Corrections 3

Well, there has been upheavals of various sorts here, but a few more Brackman blocks have been stitched, and a few minor errors have been caught in the printing-tables, which means there are corrections to some of the blocks (again).

The Interlaced block / True Lover's Knot - which isn't a Brackman block, but finishes 6" and can be added to the mix - has been updated to a degree where it got its own, all new post. Go check it out.
Old version (with inset seams).
New version (with no inset seams).

Union Square, from week 18, has a small correction in the printing-table. A 'landscape' had fallen out, but is now inserted back into the printing-table.

Missouri Star, from week 19 now has sizes of fabric/paper added to the printing table. It was a bit ... minimalist, BUT, the relevant numbers are added in the relevant colums, at least for the 6" block.

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