Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brackman Sampler : Corrections 4

Well, as I continue to fall behind in the actual stitching of the blocks, so the corrections continue. This week there aren't many, and they are in no way biggies, but a few ... precisions have been made; the links will take you to the post, and the printing-table links on the post will lead you to the new print-tables when relevant.

Week 20, New England
Just a note of caution added, not a correction : If you use the 0.5" Log Cabin collection, please be aware that the seam-allowances are slimmer than the usual 0.25" Inklingo generally uses. You need to adjust for this !

Week 21, Underground Railroad
Some minor typing-errors have been corrected, and printing-table is updated

Week 24, Ladies' Aid Album
Another one with a note of caution, rather than a correction : Remember, that the 2.5" square in the centre, needs to be cut at 3" (!), and that the 0.5" Log Cabin strips have seam-allowances that are slimmer than the 0.25" the rest of your bits have.

And these constant corrections and recommendations is why I try to stitch whatever I publish, before I publish. As I work my way through the blocks, these little things get caught (which is good); if I just write the theory, errors will be made and not caught until some hapless stitcher finds herself up the creek ... Oh, well, better late than never and all the rest of it :-) I hope you take the time to download the corrected printing-tables, and use those, rather than the first versions for making your blocks.

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