Saturday, July 23, 2011

Peterson's Stars and Stripes

No print-table for this one.
For the 8" block : Follow Brackman's directions.

For the 6" block :
Use the 1" Log Cabin collection.
Print 3 red and 3 white rectangles, each 1 x 6".
Join to make a striped background.

And that's the Inklingo'able part.

Then comes the star applique. And a 5-pointed one at that. The problem here is the applique-template for the star (and the fact that I don't really do applique'ed stars).

First suggestion : If you've got 'Dear Jane', go to the block called G6, Papa's Star, draft the star on freezer-paper, and use that as your template for the star-applique.

If you don't own 'Dear Jane' :
I googled 'folding a 5-point star' and lots and lots and lots of sites came up.
I chose this one, because it has both a diagram and a video (I have no affiliation with the page at all).

Make your own star-template, using a 4.5 x 5.25" sheet of (freezer-)-paper, and applique the thing down on your striped block.

Enjoy :-)

For the 6" block shown right, check over at Tilde's Quilts.

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Cyn ;-) said...

Thank you for the great link on how to fold a 5 point star! I am sending it on to my DGC; they will love it!
Thank you, too, for designing the Inklingo hexie alphabet... great idea!